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When you look around at the independent B&Bs and guest houses that are winning there are a few things that seem to make all the difference to their guests.


Their welcome is warm, friendly, unique – it sets the tone for the stay.

You, the host, make all the difference…. unlike some large corporate hotel chains where you’re “checked-in” by a machine !


This is a huge advantage straight away...  ...understanding the guest, who are all different – some want to chat, take advice etc. others may not...


There's a small “flourish” at check-in

….a fresh pot of tea, some, interesting events for them to see, something local ?

The “wow factor” often comes from plain old attention to detail.


They are 'great' at various things, differentia- ting themselves from the “crowd” and crea- ting a memorable experience…something guests will tell their friends about...


They think of their guest all the way, anticipa- ting their needs....

....by spending time with the guests they are  able to understand how to make the stay just that little bit more memorable.


Essentially, “the host” seems to make the dif- ference, not the free wi-fi or parking, so orga- nising time around the guest is critical with all the other work around...


...instead they invest the time saved delive- ring a friendly, unique and memorable expe- rience…

...it pays off!







is a provider of booking-platforms

- and we certainly do like them!


Because they still kept in mind YOU,

the visitor, the guest in its real meaning.


Beeing smart business-people they are down to earth as well, friendly, supporting and always looking to be fair in whatever they do.


Something what is not at all "normal" today, - especially not compared with some certain "booking platforms" who have only ONE idea "Their Commission!" - and NOTHING else!!



We started as B&B - Bed and breakfast,
but found after the very first season, that this is not working with selfish people and you cannot check them before - besides they write to you, that they do not mind where the other guests have their shower and wash temselves - as long as they have the bath just for themselves...


... at this point "B&B" died a sudden death

and "VILLA MARECHIARO" was born !