are these blue buses you see all around here - a fairly dense traffic-net - and: its CHEAP!!

Tickets you get almost everywhere - in newspaper-/tobacco-shops
- and just across our B&B in the Cafe-Bar [ train-"biglietti" as well ]

To get TIMETABLES - is a different thing:  MANY places do have NO STOP-Sign !! [at the airport]

You need to wave to the bus, if there are no other passengers doing it - Italian organisation...

But as "members of the digital century", you can use a  LINK to the online-timetables-[click]

- in italian and english  ;-)




is the Italian railway - there are different in the country, but the one up the road to ROME

from our station (ANZIO) MARECHIARO you can >>> check online  H E R E  [ click ]
- it brings you all the way with aircondition into the heart of Rome - for 3,60€ only ...

Trains are roughly on time, but I would be there 5-10 minutes before. especially in the morning

You need only 5 minutes to go up the road - so no fuzz, no hustle - easy to get your connection

An explanation regarding this useful tool "skyscanner" here
* We just offer this service, here for you, * have NO connection to it, - but like it  ;-)