ANTIUM ~ ANZIO                          LATIUM  ~  LAZIO

Older than ROME and the roman empire, founded and build to the capitol of the 'Volsker', a south-italian tribe who fought against Rome since 600 BC for centuries.


Much later place where Nero and Caligola are born - place of the emperors and aristo- crats of Rome with temples of the Neptun and Villas, whichs remains are still visible.


The Thyrrenian Sea (after greek name for the Etruskers) with its blueflag-beaches directly in front of the door (really!) and the history of  the biggest emperium ever all around.


A difficult choice between beach, recovery and education - or just the chance to do a perfect blend between them.


Tell us, what you would like to do or to see

and WE try to support you with informations!

Anzio is nothing fancy or "romantic" itself - but you find nice spots everywhere, if you keep your eyes and mind open.

Where else do you have direct access to sea & beach, country & nature and an eternal city like  this Rome just in front of the door?

And eventhough you might be a social human

wouldn't you like to stay somewhere without to share everything with thousands of other?

Give it a try !

You might be surprised ...


Lazio is a region of Italy that has a great mix of city, country and coastal life. In the middle you’ll find Rome - impossible to miss.

The variety of country walks are endless and Lazio boasts a coastline that is almost entire- ly made up of beaches.

Things to do on holiday to Lazio

With Rome as the capital of Lazio, it is easy to let the rest of the region go undiscovered. But places like the Lake Bracciano are a nice peaceful hideaway for sailing and swimming and Latera, located up on a hill, a great start for walks and bike rides.    

With so much of the Lazio coastline made up of beaches, there are some really interesting and unusual ones to visit. Sperlonga offers calm seas for swimming and a Greek island feel while aroudn ANZIO is a long sandy beach (blue flagged) with some nice restau- rants to relax at after a day in the sun.    

Holidays in Lazio give you access to many other places in Italy:  Napoli can be done in a day, the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise is just east of the region and is a stunning location to see all sorts of flora and fauna.

In the cuisine of Lazio lamb is considered the meat of the region and the artichoke is grown all over the region. Lazio is also home to the production of ricotta and pecorino romano cheese. Spaghetti is a favourite of the region and is served with hearty sauces with plenty of garlic. There are some good wines out of Lazio..    

For all who want to start into the day with waves and sea and birds and green instead of traffic and the hustle of a huge, touristic attraction it is advisable to stay in places like ANZIO and do their visits to Rome from there.