B&B is...

the past for us...
- because we do not rent single rooms anymore!!
It was to difficult to explain stubbern visitors,
that the batroom was for ALL visitors and not
only for them ...

We are very happy with this decision and have
no more discussions since then ...    ;-)

But 'the rules' down here are still existing for us.


We keep to the good habit of having GUESTS

and not "customers".



10 ground rules to travel and feel like home


  1. The Guest comfort is paramount
    Hospitality and courtesy are the main features we as the owner's
    - who open our place to visitors from all around the world - offer.

  2. La Dolce Vita
    Visiting Italy choosing the open-house option
    is the most interesting and original way to discover
    and fully experience the Belpaese and the Italian style,
    - and still feeling (just a little bit) "at home"...

  3. The advantage of saving
    The reasonable prices of holiday-homes are made to encourage YOU
    as "the tourists" to be able to extend the duration of your holiday trip.

  4. A pleasant stay
    Plain but still neutral-comfortable rooms and access to our entire structure
    express the sense of hospitality that pertains to holiday-homes - as far as WE regard.

  5. A guide at your service
    All our information on the territory all around is available for our guests
    who want to know more about the town and its surroundings.

  6. A friend to meet
    VILLA MARECHIARO’s friendly atmosphere
    offers lots of opportunities for new acquaintances.

  7. Interior designs
    VILLA MARECHIARO’s interior "designs" are made to make you feel comfortable.
    It is simple, but clean - and there is no danger, that 'little Robert' destroys a
    van Gogh or Michelangelo - just do, what you should do with ALL kids:
    Keep him away from the technique (TV, kitchen-machines, hair dryer,...)
    We have some simple toys for him and her, so glasses, porcelain and knifes
    have not to be used a s toys...   ;-)

  8. You can trust it
    Reliability, integrity, and competency are a part of the features we offer,
    always committed to provide you with a comfortable and pleasant stay.

  9. A new seat at the table
    Breakfast can be ( on order ) prepared for you with care, for your selfservice, wether you go for the italian "Cafè & Cornetto" or for a Continental Breakfast
    - it is up to your choice.

  10. We do not leave you in the rain - and you can take us by word!
    We take care of you, wherever necessary!


A provider of booking-platforms [not we!] just wrote :


When you look around at an independent B&B's and guest houses that are winning,

there are a few things that seem to make all the difference to their guests.


Their welcome is warm, friendly, unique – it sets the tone for the stay.

The host, make all the difference...

Unlike some large corporate hotel chains where you’re “checked-in” by a machine !


That’s a huge difference straight away, guest understand straightaway:
Tthey are all different – some want to chat, take advice etc. others may not.


They have a small “flourish” at check-in, a fresh pot of tea, some home baking,
interesting events to see, something local ?

The “wow factor” comes from plain old attention to detail.


They are “great” at something (most people are!) and they show it off,

differentiating themselves from the “crowd” and creating a memorable experience…

...a small flower arranging, local history, gardening, telling jokes….


They think of their guest all the way, anticipating their needs….if they are in a “wal-

king area” they provide advice or maps, if guests need to eat out they know which

restaurants do what food best.


By spending time with their guests they are better able to understand how to make

their stay just that little bit more memorable.


Essentially, “the host” seems to make the difference, not the free wi-fi or parking,

- so organising time around the guest is critical.



WE, here in "VILLA MARECHIARO" share these thoughts word by word

and we want to offer exactly THIS!


[ ... and by the way:
  I(!) like "freetobook" who made this
  online-booking-system - and their great co-workers...  ;-)  ] 


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