Later in the afternoon a right-driven little car arrived all the way from UK - with two tired and hungry people in it.

The first what happend: Kristina discovered at once our cats - more astonishing: THEY discovered her - "Love on first sight..."

I hope, all our visitors can deal with them, because they all are orphans or born in July last summer or traffic-victims.    Anyway:
Thomas was very soon the target number 2 for them - and lucky them: he loved them too.


I have a saying covering my many words a bit

"If you think, I talk a lot, - lets talk about it..."

"Well, this is what happened - and a very pa- tient Thomas listened to it  ;-)


They were VERY quiet - a VERY nice couple,

and I hope, they will be for a VERY long time.


When they left - after many cups of tea, pizzas & more - it weren't only the little tigers going to miss them - its a habit to try to keep things one likes, isn't it ??


So not out of mind after their departure, our next guest Caterina arrived -  and I hope, she will be satisfied and comfortable staying in our little B&B Marechiaro - the fireside is prepared for her anyway.


It was raining, after some great beams of sunshine for several hours - and I think, it

is time to do some laundry, ironing, - the "common stuff" from now on....

Hoping, that B&B Marechiaro will bring many people together - to places they were aiming for - and they do like - and - who knows?? :

     Perhaps a place to come back to ....?!?

Would be great, "dear Diary"


PS.: Thomas suggested a 'comments'-
         section - thats a good idea, and I will

         work on that.

What Thomas may not know: will ask for comments as well - I will be very interested to see, what our visitors think!!



I confess, I've got lazy - and even more :

I simply forgot that I had the diary...

- so perhaps "tomorrow" - if I don't forget it ..!


... but this happend again, even in 2018

Another year passed by - 2019 has gone and we write today "02.02.2020" - isn't that a great date ??    ;-)


2019 was another wonderful year with many nice guests - but as well the most problema-tiv so far...


OK, each day has light and darkness - and in a way they belong together, are parts of our life - we will grow on each !


The first weeks of this upcoming summer are already filled with guests - and friends we made out of them.


.... more to come ...!